Attractive Custom Human Hair Wigs and Other Natural-Looking Wigs

Complete your look with the refined custom Human Hair wigs and other natural-looking wigs at Wigs Today in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in creating custom wigs for cancer and alopecia patients, as well as other clients experiencing hair loss. Carrying the largest FOLLEA™ wigs inventory in the Denver area, we feature selections from:

Aero-2™             • Gripper-2™ (Sport and Cool)                                           • Lifestyle-2™

Human Hair Wigs

Check out our ever-expanding selection of human hair wigs that are made from any type of hair you can imagine. These are sure to suit your personal expectations and seamlessly match your personal appearance. Our collection includes:

100% European Fine or Coarse Long or Short Light or Dark Curly or Straight

Synthetic Hair Wigs

With synthetic wigs made from the most trusted brand names in the market, we carry a varied selection with every color, style, and length that you could ever ask for. Be sure to inquire about our free custom fitting services.

Sheitels and Jewish Kosher Wigs

Stay true to your tradition and beliefs with our rabbinically certified kosher wigs that are fully compliant with all Halachic requirements. Our Mazali collection of Sheitels and Jewish Kosher Wigs are made from Chinese female hair that is commercially treated for color and texture. We also offer Fortune Wigs that are typically shorn from Eastern European women, who are known for having silky smooth hair with a rich body and a light bounce. These fine offerings are the best in the business.

Wig Repair and Wig Service

Stop by our store for our hassle-free wig services. These include:

• Washing • Shampooing • Conditioning • Restyling • Refitting • Repair 

Contact us in Denver, Colorado, for your inquiries about our highest-quality human hair wigs and other natural-looking wigs.